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Drum Set Price

This post is dedicated to providing a complete list of average drum kit costs from all the major drum manufacturers. Irrespective if the drum maker is a major brand or a custom drum shop, this post has a mission to provide prices for the kits they make. By comparing drum set prices side by side, […]

Drum Set Brands

Full List of Drum Set Makers This post is dedicated to providing a complete list of all past and present drum manufacturers that make or made full drum sets. Regardless if the brand is a large corporation or an individual hand maker, this post aims to list them all. Mass produced drum set brands such […]

Youth Drum Set

Acoustic & Electronic Drum Sets For Teenagers If your child is interested in drums or percussive musical instruments, then you may be in the market to make a purchase of a youth drum set in the near future. Since it pays to know what you are investing your money in this article will help to […]

DW Drums (Drum Workshop)

DW is arguably the most popular drum manufacturer in the world.  It is the most searched drum company on the internet and on top of drums, also make hardware, sticks and re-brand heads made by Remo.  Custom drums can be ordered from DW on top of their prepackaged and mass produced drum lines.  DW also offers specialty drums including […]

Top 10 Drum Brands

Listed below are the Top 10 Drum Brands by order of popularity online.  This ranking has been determined solely by number of searches in Google which is an objective measurement of brand strength amongst the public. In order to eliminated confusion such as the word Pearl which can be a drum brand or type of […]

Drum Brands List

Listed below in alphabetical order are the current and past manufacturers of acoustic and electric drums.  This includes both makers of modern drum sets, electronic accessories and marching percussion. This list includes companies or business units that primary focus was / is the production and / or marketing of drum products. Not included on the […]