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Pearl Masterworks

Pearl Musical Instrument Company is a Japanese instrument maker that primarily produces drum kits, hardware and percussion devices. The Pearl Masterworks Series is a top notch high end drum line and is some of the most expensive drum shells on the market. All images are property of Pearl, for more information and history on Pearl […]

Pearl Pro Drum Sets

The Pearl Musical Instrument Company founded in 1952 predominately manufactures drums kits, shell packs, drum hardware and percussion instruments.  For more info on the Pearl brand see the Pearl Drums review. While some drummers may debate upon the classification of drums as professional or intermediate, the drums kits below are lines produced by Pearl that meet […]

Pearl Drum Sets

List of Pearl Drum Kits The Pearl Musical Instrument Company is an international instrument maker headquartered in Japan that predominately manufactures drums kits, drum shells and hardware as well as percussion instruments.  For more information on the Pearl brand see the full Pearl Drums review. Pearl is one of the most popular drum brands on […]