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Drum Set Brands

Full List of Drum Set Makers This post is dedicated to providing a complete list of all past and present drum manufacturers that make or made full drum sets. Regardless if the brand is a large corporation or an individual hand maker, this post aims to list them all. Mass produced drum set brands such […]

4 Piece Drum Set

Drum Set Pieces Explained: Drum sets are categorized by the number of pieces in the set. Pieces are defined by the number of drum shells on the set including the snare drum. Cymbals and other accessories have nothing to do with the piece number labeled to the set. A four piece kit is a common […]

Drum Brands List

Listed below in alphabetical order are the current and past manufacturers of acoustic and electric drums.  This includes both makers of modern drum sets, electronic accessories and marching percussion. This list includes companies or business units that primary focus was / is the production and / or marketing of drum products. Not included on the […]