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TAMA Superstar

TAMA Superstar Hyperdrive Review Superstar Hyper-Drive drums are TAMA’s high end series of semi-professional drum sets. Superstar drums are made of 100% birch shells and feature hyper drive (shorter) toms, ultra deep bass drums, power craft drum-heads, black nickel shell hardware, the star-cast mounting system, die cast hoops, sound bridge high tension lugs, claw hooks […]

TAMA Imperialstar

TAMA Imperialstar Set, Snare & Bass Drum Review The Imperialstar is a mid-range drum series made by TAMA Drums that fits within their beginner and semi-professional drum lines. The Imperialstar comes in several pre-packaged “READY-TO-ROCK” configurations that include Imperialstar hardware, and MEINL HCS cymbals. For more info on the Tama Drums brand see our Full […]

TAMA Silverstar

TAMA Silverstar & Silverstar Custom Birch Drums Review TAMA’s Silverstar and Silverstar Custom series are starter drum sets that feature all birch shells, the TAMA star-mount system, low-mass lugs, claw hooks on the bass drum and a slide-able tom holder. Unlike other beginner sets TAMA manufactures, the Silverstar does not include full hardware and other […]

Drum Set Price

This post is dedicated to providing a complete list of average drum kit costs from all the major drum manufacturers. Irrespective if the drum maker is a major brand or a custom drum shop, this post has a mission to provide prices for the kits they make. By comparing drum set prices side by side, […]

Drum Set Brands

Full List of Drum Set Makers This post is dedicated to providing a complete list of all past and present drum manufacturers that make or made full drum sets. Regardless if the brand is a large corporation or an individual hand maker, this post aims to list them all. Mass produced drum set brands such […]

4 Piece Drum Set

Drum Set Pieces Explained: Drum sets are categorized by the number of pieces in the set. Pieces are defined by the number of drum shells on the set including the snare drum. Cymbals and other accessories have nothing to do with the piece number labeled to the set. A four piece kit is a common […]

eBay Drums

Shop for – Drums on eBayA great place to find great deals on percussion, drum sets, sticks and accessories is the most popular auction website in the world.  eBay provides the drum shopper with the ability to find rare and unique percussion components as well as full drum sets ready to play.  Used items […]

TAMA Drums

TAMA Drums is a top drum brand that develops, manufactures and markets drum shells, snares, hardware, percussion and other drum accessories.  TAMA is owned by the Hoshino Gakki Group who also owns the Ibanez guitar brand.  TAMA maintains operations in three locales; Seto, Japan where R&D and high end professional drums are produced, Guangzhou, China where beginner and more affordable drums are manufactured and Bensalem, […]

Top 10 Drum Brands

Listed below are the Top 10 Drum Brands by order of popularity online.  This ranking has been determined solely by number of searches in Google which is an objective measurement of brand strength amongst the public. In order to eliminated confusion such as the word Pearl which can be a drum brand or type of […]

Drum Brands List

Listed below in alphabetical order are the current and past manufacturers of acoustic and electric drums.  This includes both makers of modern drum sets, electronic accessories and marching percussion. This list includes companies or business units that primary focus was / is the production and / or marketing of drum products. Not included on the […]