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Vic Firth Accessories

Stick Bags, Education Packs, Practice Pads & Mutes Vic Firth is the world’s most popular maker of drum sticks, brushes and mallets along with practice tools including headphones, pads, mutes and education packs. Vic Firth also makes drum stick bags, holders apparel and other accessories. Through their wood manufacturing excellence Vic Firth has also branched […]

Vic Firth Rudiments

Listed below are the Vic Firth 40 Essential Snare Drum Rudiments.  For more in-depth information check out the Vic Firth Rudiments page.   I. Roll Rudiments   A. Single Stroke Rudiments 1. Single Stroke Roll 2. Single Stroke Four 3. Single Stroke Seven B. Multiple Bounce Rudiments 4. Multiple Bounce Roll 5. Triple Stroke Roll […]

How To Hold Drumsticks

How to Hold Drum Sticks: The Most Common Methods One of the most important things to know about drumming before you ever strike your first roll on the snare drum is how to properly hold a set of drum sticks. If you hold a set of sticks without knowing the how’s and why’s of proper […]

Drumstick Sizes

Choosing the Right Drumstick Are you among those people who panic at the thought of choosing the right drumstick sizes? There are numerous types of drum sticks available in the market. These sticks come in various sizes, shapes as well as different materials composition. Thus, choosing the right drum stick size can prove a daunting […]