Cymbal Brands List

Cymbal Brands ListListed below in alphabetical order are the current and past manufacturers of cymbals.  This includes both makers of cymbals for modern drum sets, electronic cymbal pads as well as cymbals for concert and marching percussion.

This list includes companies or business units that primary focus was / is the production and / or marketing of cymbal products.

Not included on the list are novelty or toy drum producers.  This list is designed to be comprehensive in nature so please leave any companies, brands or manufacturers we missed in the comments below.

  1. Agean Cymbals
  2. AJAHA Cymbals
  3. Alchemy Cymbals
  4. Amedia Cymbals
  5. Anatolian Cymbals
  6. Bellotti Cymbals
  7. Bettis Cymbals
  8. Bosphorus Cymbals
  9. Diril Cymbals
  10. Dream Cymbals
  11. Gregg Keplinger Cymbals
  12. Hammerax Cymbals
  13. Impression Cymbals
  14. Istanbul Agop Cymbals
  15. Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals
  16. Koide Cymbals
  17. KREST Cymbals
  18. Masterwork Cymbals
  19. Matt Nolan Custom Cymbals
  20. Meinl Cymbals
  21. Mid East Cymbals
  22. Murat Diril Cymbals
  23. Octagon Cymbals
  24. Orient Cymbals
  25. Orion Cymbals
  26. Paiste Cymbals
  27. Pasha Cymbals
  28. Pearl Cymbals
  29. Sabian Cymbals
  30. Saluda Cymbals
  31. Serpent Cymbals
  32. Soultone Cymbals
  33. Spizzichino Cymbals
  34. Stagg Cymbals
  35. Supernaturals Cymbals
  36. Symrna Cymbals
  37. Tosco Cymbals
  38. TRX Cymbals
  39. Turkish Cymbals
  40. Ufip Cymbals
  41. Wuhan Cymbals
  42. Zildjian Cymbals

For more information about these various brand name cymbals use the Cymbal Brands navigation to the right.  Additionally, be sure also to check out our list of the Top 10 Cymbal Brands sorted by popularity.


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