Drum Set Brands

Full List of Drum Set Makers

This post is dedicated to providing a complete list of all past and present drum manufacturers that make or made full drum sets. Regardless if the brand is a large corporation or an individual hand maker, this post aims to list them all. Mass produced drum set brands such as PDP and Mapex, custom Brady sets and even electronic drum set brands are all represented here.


Drum HistoryBrief History of the Drums

Drums have a history dating back over 2500 years, being used as a means of communication in Africa and Sri Lanka. The snare drum holds tradition in the military dating back to 684BC. They were used to keep marching cadence and also to call out orders. Modern drum sets spawned when Ludwig created the first spring driven bass drum pedal in 1909. After WWI live music became popular which spurred forth the modern drum kit of today.


What is the Best Drum Set Brand?

A common question asked is “What is the best drum set brand?” This is a difficult question to answer especially because many brands produce a variety of kits from the very beginner starter set all the way to ultra-custom professional kits. We believe the drummers decide the best overall drum set brands. Listed below are the top 50 drum set brands listed by online popularity.


DW Drums eBay

#1 – DW Drums

Pearl Drums eBay

#2 – Pearl

TAMA Drums eBay

#3 – TAMA

Gretsch Drums eBay

#4 – Gretsch

Ludwig Drums eBay

#5 – Ludwig

Yamaha Drums eBay

#6 – Yamaha

Mapex Drum Set

#7 – Mapex

Sonor Drums eBay

#8 – Sonor

Premier Drums eBay

#9 – Premier

pdp Drum Set

#10 – PDP

SJC Drum Set

#11 – SJC

Roland Drums eBay

#12 – Roland

Truth Drum Set

#13 – Truth Drums


#14 – Crush Drums

Slingerland Drum Set

#15 – Slingerland

Spaun Drum Set

#16 – Spaun Drums

Taye Drum Set

#17 – Taye Drums

Orange County Drum Set

#18 – Orange County Drums

Pork Pie Drum Set

#19 – Pork Pie

Rogers Drums eBay

#20 – Rogers

Ayotte Drum Set

#21 – Ayotte

Dixon Drum Set

#22 – Dixon Drums

Traps Drum Set

#23 – Traps Drums

Brady Drums Set

#24 – Brady Drum Company

GMS Drum Set

#25 – GMS Drums

Simmons Drum Set

#26 – Simmons

Trick Drum Set

#27 – Trick Drums

C & C Drum Set

#28 – C&C Drums

Gammon Drum Set

#29 – Gammon Drums

Alesis Drum Set

#30 – Alesis

Fibes Drum Set

#31 – Fibes

Hayman Drum Set

#32 – Hayman Drums

HB Drum Set

#33 – HB Drums

Sleishman Drums

#34 – Sleishman Drums

Peavey Drums

#35 – Peavey Drums

Pulse Drums

#36 – Pulse Drums

Trixon Drums

#37 – Trixon

North Drums

#38 – North

Westbury Drum Set

#39 – Westbury Drums

Ford Drum Set

#40 – Ford Drums

Noble & Cooley Drum Set

#41 – Noble & Cooley

Kumu Drum Set

#42 – Kumu Drums

Raya Drum Set

#43 – Raya Drums

Adams Drum Set

#44 – Adams Drums

ddrum Drum Set

#45 – ddrum

Hart Drum Set

#46 – Hart Drums

ds Drum Set

#47 – ds Drums

Sound Percussion Drum Set

#48 – Sound Percussion

Drum Limo Set

#49 – Drum Limousine

San Francisco Drum Company

#50 – San Fran Drum Co.

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  1. Recently purchased a very nice solid maple Gretsch 7 piece set with Zildjian A’s to nicely complement them. Had special 8 inch tom made. Only issue is the floor tom is stand mounted and short. Not a true floor tom so cannot be tuned to lower frequencies. Like the tone that only wood shells can provide.

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