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This post is dedicated to providing a complete list of average drum kit costs from all the major drum manufacturers. Irrespective if the drum maker is a major brand or a custom drum shop, this post has a mission to provide prices for the kits they make.

By comparing drum set prices side by side, the new or experienced drummer can get an idea of what he or she will expect to pay for that kit brand either online or in a retail environment. This includes pricing from top brands such as TAMA, Yamaha and Pearl as well as lower priced sets from drum makers such as Premier, Peace and PDP.

Drum HistoryDrum Set History: Drums have a 2500 year old history. They were used as a method of messaging in Africa and Sri Lanka for centuries. Snare drums have a strong tradition in historic militaries dating back over two thousand years. Prior to the advent of electronic communication snare drums were used to call out orders. Modern drum sets leaped forward when William F. Ludwig created a robust bass drum pedal in 1909. This allowed one person to man an entire drum set.


What is the Lowest Drum Set Price?

Low quality, kids and used drum sets can be purchased for a few hundred dollars or less. While top of the line drum sets with dozens of pieces and gold hardware can be over $25,000. Most major drum brands offer drum lines for both the beginner and professional drummer, so there are two distinct categories to consider. Other drum brands cater only to the professional or beginner (low cost market).

It is important to know what level of quality set you are looking for before you compare prices. If you do not have this information readily available you could find yourself in a situation where you are trying to compare a Kia to a Rolls Royce. For the purposes of this post we are showing the top 20 drum brands. This is the top 20 brands by popularity not quality.  We will add more over time so bookmark this page and check back soon.


DW Drums eBay

#1 – DW Drums

Price Range: $1K – $5K

Custom Drums: $5,000+

Pearl Drums eBay

#2 – Pearl

Low End Price: $500 – $1K

High End Price: $1K – $7K


TAMA Drums eBay

#3 – TAMA

Price Range: $500 – $1K

High End Drums: $1,500 – $5K


Gretsch Drums eBay

#4 – Gretsch

Low End Price: $500 – $1,500

High End Price: $1,200 – $5K


Ludwig Drums Price

#5 – Ludwig

Low End Price: $500 – $2,300

High End Drums: $1K – $5K


Yamaha Drums Price

#6 – Yamaha

Low End Price: $600 – $1,300

High End Drums: $2K – $5K


Mapex Drum Set

#7 – Mapex

Low End Price: $600 – $900

High End Price: $1,600 – $3K


Sonor Drums eBay

#8 – Sonor

Low End Price: $500 – $1,800

High End Price: $2,700 – $6,400


Premier Drums eBay

#9 – Premier

Low End Price: $500 – $1,300

High End Price: $3,000+


pdp Drum Set

#10 – PDP

Low End Price: $300 – $800

High End Price: See DW (#1)


SJC Drum Set

#11 – SJC

Completely Custom Drums

Starting @ $1,700


Roland Drums eBay

#12 – Roland

Electronic Drum Kits

Price Range: $700 – $7,000


Truth Drum Set

#13 – Truth Drums

Completely Custom Drums

Starting @ $3,200



#14 – Crush Drums

Low End Price: $400 – $1K

High End Price: $1,500 – $2,200


Slingerland Drum Set

#15 – Slingerland

Vintage Drum Sets

Starting at $1,500


Spaun Drum Set

#16 – Spaun Drums

Standard & Custom Drums

Starting at $2K+


Taye Drum Set

#17 – Taye Drums

Low End Price: $330 – $770

High End Price: $1K – $1,700


Orange County Drum Set

#18 – Orange County Drums

Pre-Made Drums

Price Range: $700 – $1,300


Pork Pie Drum Set

#19 – Pork Pie

Pre-Packaged Kits – $1,200

High End Custom Drums


Rogers Drums eBay

#20 – Rogers

Vintage Drum Sets

Starting at $1,200+


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