Yamaha DTX900K

The Yamaha DTX900K is an electronic drum set produced by Yamaha Drums a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation an international business conglomerate.  For more info on the Yamaha Drum brand visit the Yamaha Drums page.  The DTX900K is part of Yamaha’s most high end series of electronic drum sets and features some of the latest digital sound technology. Driving the entire kit […]

Yamaha DTX750K

The Yamaha DTX750 K is an electronic drum set manufactured by Yamaha Drums a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation a Japanese multinational business conglomerate.  For more information see our Yamaha Drums review. The 750 K is part of Yamaha’s DTX 700 series of electronic drum kits is a step into full on professional drums. Included with three 3-zone XP80 DTX-PADs and […]

Pearl Rhythm Traveler

Pearl Drums is a top drum, hardware and percussion manufacturer. The Pearl Rhythm Traveler Series drum kit is a newly introduced beginner set designed to be highly portable and cost effective. All images are property of Pearl, for more information and history on Pearl visit the Pearl Drums page.   Rhythm Traveler Drum Set The […]

Vintage Pearl Drums

Discontinued & Vintage Pearl Drum Kits The Pearl Musical Instrument Company, commonly referred to as Pearl was founded in 1952 in Japan and predominately makes drums kits, shell packs, drum hardware and percussion instruments.  For more information on the Pearl brand check out our Full Review. Listed below are some of the more popular discontinued Pearl Drum […]

Pearl Beginner Drum Sets

Pearl Musical Instrument Company, an international business located in Japan, was founded in 1952 and predominately manufactures drums kits, drum shells and hardware as well as percussion instruments.  For more information on the Pearl brand visit the Pearl Drums page. Some drummers debate upon the classification of drums as beginner or intermediate, the drums kits below are […]

Pearl Forum Series

Pearl Forum FZ Series Drum Set Review Pearl Drums is one of the top drum manufacturers in the world and makes, full drum sets, drum sells, hardware lines, bass drum pedals and drum accessories. The Pearl Forum Series is a popular line of beginner drum kits, and features a complete five (5) piece shell pack, […]

Pearl Drums

Pearl Musical Instrument Company is an international corporation based out of Yachiyo, Chiba, Japan that sells a variety of products but focus primarily on percussion instruments.  Pearl has become famous for selling drum sets at both the beginner and professional level, however Pearl also has a strong footprint in hardware, pedals and marching percussion.  With […]

Top 10 Cymbal Brands

Listed below are the Top 10 Cymbal Brands by order of popularity online.  This ranking has been determined solely by number of searches in Google which is an objective measurement of brand strength amongst the public. For uniformity, the word “cymbals” was added after the short or popular version of the brand name to ensure […]

Drum Parts List

Listed below in alphabetical order is a comprehensive list of drum components.  This includes pieces used and / or made for drum sets, electronic kits, concert setups, marching band, cocktail kits and various other percussion applications.  This is designed to be a complete list so please leave any parts we missed in the comments below. Ago-Sha […]

Cymbal Brands List

Listed below in alphabetical order are the current and past manufacturers of cymbals.  This includes both makers of cymbals for modern drum sets, electronic cymbal pads as well as cymbals for concert and marching percussion. This list includes companies or business units that primary focus was / is the production and / or marketing of […]