Drum Kits For Kids

Best Drum Sets For Toddlers, Children and Juniors Kits Drum kits for kids are now available both online and in retail stores. These are designed to meet drumming needs for children in different age groups. Drum kits for kids are different from adult drum sets because they are smaller, cheaper and typically easier to play.  […]

Mapex Drums

Mapex Drums is a top 10 drum brand that is owned by parent corporation and musical instrument manufacturing conglomerate, KHS Musical Instruments Co., Ltd.  With technical sponsor drummers including Moe Carlson from Protest The Hero, Mike Novak of Every Time I Die and Matt Halpern of Periphery; Mapex has established itself as a cutting edge brand […]

Yamaha Drums

Yamaha Drums is a part of the Yamaha Corporation an international company based in Japan.  Yamaha Drums is a leading drum brand that manufactures both acoustic and electric drum sets along with drum hardware as well as marching and concert percussion.  Unlike other top drum manufacturers, Yamaha has a very strong footprint in electronic drum sets […]

Ludwig-Musser Drums

Ludwig-Musser is a top drum brand that is a part of the Conn-Selmer division of Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc.  Ludwig Drums has a rich history and is a very popular brand for vintage drum collectors.  Ludwig is famous for having propelled the modern drum set forward with the invention of a bass drum pedal that […]

Gretsch Drums

Gretsch Drums is a subsidiary of The Gretsch Company that also manufacturers guitars.  Both Grestch drums and guitars were very popular and sought after in the 1950s and 1960s.  During the 70s and 80s the guitar portion of the business suffered which caused Gretsch to slide into bankruptcy and thus the drum brand was also affected.  […]

Adams Musical Instruments

Adams Musical Instruments was founded by Andre Adams who first started repairing brass instruments in 1970.  Adams has made a footprint in concert, classical and orchestral music scenes through its partnerships with professional musicians, artists and universities.  Adams is based in the Netherlands and is comprised of three major divisions.  Adams Brass makes the following […]

Drum Parts List

Listed below in alphabetical order is a comprehensive list of drum components.  This includes pieces used and / or made for drum sets, electronic kits, concert setups, marching band, cocktail kits and various other percussion applications.  This is designed to be a complete list so please leave any parts we missed in the comments below. Ago-Sha […]

Drum Brands List

Listed below in alphabetical order are the current and past manufacturers of acoustic and electric drums.  This includes both makers of modern drum sets, electronic accessories and marching percussion. This list includes companies or business units that primary focus was / is the production and / or marketing of drum products. Not included on the […]