Top 10 Cymbal Brands

Top 10 Cymbal BrandsListed below are the Top 10 Cymbal Brands by order of popularity online.  This ranking has been determined solely by number of searches in Google which is an objective measurement of brand strength amongst the public.

For uniformity, the word “cymbals” was added after the short or popular version of the brand name to ensure closer measurement of the actual cymbal brand popularity.  This was done to eliminate overlap of common words such as Orion, Dream and Bosphorus which are also the name of cymbal companies.

The adverse affect of this however is that adding “cymbals” dampens the number of search for companies that have names only known for cymbal production such as Zildjian and Sabian which are in all likelihood the top 2 most popular cymbal brands despite the ranking below.

  1. MEINL Cymbals
  2. Sabian Cymbals
  3. TRX Cymbals
  4. Zildjian Cymbals
  5. Bosphorus Cymbals
  6. Dream Cymbals and Gongs
  7. Paiste Cymbals
  8. Soultone Cymbals
  9. Wuhan Cymbals
  10. Orion Cymbals

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