DTX-MULTI 12 Review

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The extremely popular Yamaha DTX Multi 12 is an electronic percussion pad sporting 12 trigger pads in a condensed split-level arrangement.  Packed with 1,277 drum, percussion and sound effects, the DTCM 12 is designed for the acoustic drummer looking to easily and compactly add electronics to their kit.  Because the DTX Multi 12 pads respond to stick, hand and finger play modes, it is also ideal for hand percussionists looking to add more voices and expressions to their array of sounds.  Lastly, the Yamaha DTX Multi 12 is a solid percussion controller for recording studio use.


Yamaha DTX Multi 12


Yamaha DTX Multi 12 Features and Specifications

  • MULTI-LEVEL Design for compact placement within acoustic drum kit
  • MULTI-PLAY with options to use sticks, hands or fingers
  • 1,061 drum, percussion, effects voices / 216 keyboard sounds
  • 100MB wave ROM – 64MB Flash ROM for custom sound files
  • 50 preset kits / 200 User-defined sets
  • Two-way USB Connectivity


Yamaha DTX Multi 12 Review and Price

The largest benefit to the DTX Multi 12 is the MULTI-PLAY mode which makes it one of the most versatile trigger pads on the market.  With tons of pre-loaded sounds, the ability to add custom voices and forward compatibility, this is a digital percussion unit that has staying power in the marketplace.  At a price point of $700 new, any drummer or artists looking at this set should understand the value to price ratio.  In the case of the DTX Muli 12 the buyer will get every bit of value for the dollar.


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