Yamaha DTX500

The Yamaha DTX500 Series of Electronic Drum Sets are made by Yamaha Drums which is a part of the Yamaha Corporation an international business that operates out of Japan. Yamaha Drums is a top drum brand that makes acoustic, electronic drums and percussion instruments.

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The Yamaha DTX lines of electronic drums features six (6) different series of kits. This includes the 500, 700, 900, DTXPLORER, DTXPRESS, DTXTREME, DTX-MULTI 12, Digital Percussion pads and electronic drum accessories.


DTX550KDTX500 Series Electronic Drums

The 500 series of electronic drum kits consists of seven preset models that vary based on the type of drum pads, cymbals and rack that is included. The 500 series includes the following…

  • DTX520SP
  • DTX560SP
  • DTX500K
  • DTX520K
  • DTX530K
  • DTX550K
  • DTX560K


Yamaha DTX-PAD 3-Zone Drum Trigger

The 500 series features compatibility with Yamaha’s newly designed DTX-PAD. This is a 3 zone pad that allows for regular as well as open and close rimshot strikes. Besides providing a realistic 3-zone drum pad the DTX-PADs feature authentic drum head feel through their use of Textured Cellular Silicone (TCS) heads. These heads are not only quiet but provide for more realistic response, rebound and touch. This allows for more genuine development of true acoustic drumming techniques.


DTX 500 ModuleDTX500 Trigger Module

Included with each 500 series electronic drum kit is the DTX500 module that can also be purchased separately for roughly $250. The DTX 500 drum trigger module features 427 drum and percussion sounds, as well as Yamaha’s practice tools which include popular functions such as Groove Check and Rhythm Gate. The 500 module also features an AUX in, MIDI out and programmable hi-performance metronome. The DTX500 module supports 3 zone pads and can support up to 12 triggers.


Yamaha DTX500KYamaha DTX500K

Average Price – $600

-RS40 Rack
-4 Drum Pads
-Kick Pad
-2 Cymbal Pads
-Hi-Hat Controller


Yamaha DTX520KYamaha DTX520K

Average Price – $1,000

-RS500 Rack
-8″ DTX-PAD Snare
3-Zone Crash
-3-Zone Ride Cymbals
-Hi-Hat Controller


Yamaha DTX520SPYamaha DTX520SP

Average Price – $1,700

RS500 Rack
DTX520P Pad Set
DTX500 Module
*Other Parts Sold Separately


Yamaha DTX530KYamaha DTX530K

Average Price – $1,300

RS500 Rack
8″ DTX-PAD Snare
3-Zone Cymbals
-Dual-Zone Hi-Hat
*Other Parts Sold Separately


Yamaha DTX550KYamaha DTX550K

Average Price – $1,600

10″ XP100SD 3zone Snare
KP65 Kick Pad
-13 inch RHH135 2-zone Hi-Hats
-HS650A Hi-Hat Stand
RS85A Rack System


Yamaha DTX560KYamaha DTX560K

Average Price – $1,800

4-piece set of DTX-PADs
3-Zone Crash & Ride Cymbals
-Real Hi-Hat Triggers
-DTX 500 Trigger Module
MIDI Interface


Yamaha DTX560SPYamaha DTX560SP

Average Price – $1,800

4-piece set of DTX-PADs
RS500 Rack
-AUX Input & Midi Output
-DTX 500 Trigger Module
*Optional Zildjian Gen 16 Cymbals (~$1,000)


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