Yamaha DTX750K

The Yamaha DTX750 K is an electronic drum set manufactured by Yamaha Drums a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation a Japanese multinational business conglomerate.  For more information see our Yamaha Drums review.

The 750 K is part of Yamaha’s DTX 700 series of electronic drum kits is a step into full on professional drums.

Included with three 3-zone XP80 DTX-PADs and TCS heads, the DTX750K is Yamaha’s first answer from drummers that demand as close to realistic feel as possible on not only the snare but the toms as well.  This allows for drummers not only to rimshot the include snare but also the two mounted tom-toms and floor tom.  Accompanying the realism of the snare and toms are a real hi-hat controller and 3 chokeable cymbal pads.  Top the package off with the DTX 700 module allowing for input of custom sounds as well as output to a computer via two USB modules, the DTX750K is a perfect match for professional working drummers.


Yamaha DTX750KDTX 750 K Features

  • DTX 700 Drum Module
  • XP100SD 10″ Snare
  • 3 XP80 DTX-PAD Toms
  • KP65 Bass Drum
  • RHH135 Real Triggers
  • HS650A Hi-Hat Stand
  • 2 PCY135 Crash Cymbals
  • PCY155 Ride Cymbal Pad
  • RS700 Rack
  • 64MB New Sound Space
  • 2-way USB Connection


Yamaha DTX 750K Price and Review

Two of the big changes with the 750K are the inclusion of a 3 zone toms and the durable RS700 rack system.  A full set of DTX-PADs offers more realistic feeling drums and the RS700 rack includes real drum hardware and genuine Yamaha ball clamps which allows for precise positioning and stability of the pads.  In addition the DTX 700 module allows for bass drum flexibility with an option to play double bass with the closed hi-hat pedal and quiet option with HH65 accessory.  The inclusion of 3 cymbal pads with 3-zone (cup, bow, edge) realistic expression and the ability to choke or mute, gives the capability to create genuine sounding percussion.  At a price point of roughly $3,200, the DTX750K becomes an electronic drum kit that requires a more serious financial investment and drumming commitment.


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