Yamaha DTX790K

The Yamaha DTX790K is an electronic drum set made by Yamaha Drums a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation a Japanese business conglomerate.  For more information and history on the Yamaha Drum brand visit the Yamaha Drums Page.  The Yamaha DTX 790 is the high end set that is part of Yamaha’s DTX 700 series of electronic drum kits.

The Yamaha DTX 790 K drum set features a full set of 3-zone DTX-PADs with control knobs including larger 10” pads for the toms and a 12 inch pad for the snare.  All DTX pads feature Yamaha’s advanced TCS heads for a natural acoustic drum set feel.  On top of a full set of realistic pads, the DTX790K features real hi-hat triggers, a professional stand and large 3 zone choke-able cymbals on boom stands.

All of this and the sound packed 700 series drum module are mounted on the aluminum RS130 rack with fully adjustable ball clamps for supreme stability and placement precision.  Lastly, the 790K features the more realistic KP125W kick pad which easily supports a not included single or double bass pedal.


Yamaha DTX790KDTX790K Specs

  • DTP900 Pad Set
  • KP125W Kick Pad
  • XP120SD 12″ Snare
  • XP100T 10″ Toms (x3)
  • PCY135 Cymbals (x2)
  • PCY155 Cymbal Pad
  • CHH755 Hat Triggers
  • DTX700 Trigger Module
  • RS130 Rack System
  • HS740A Hi-Hat Stand
  • 1,396 Drum Sounds


Yamaha DTX 790 K Review and Price

Priced at $3,600 the DTX 790K is a professional level electronic drum set that carries a hefty price for the bells and whistles it offers.  This price is comparable to a low level professional acoustic drum set from any of the major drum brands.  Although the price is steep, the drum components included in the kit not only provide for a complete kit but also give the drummer a plethora of options for practice, studio or live performance.

The inclusion of a full set of DTX-pads, real hi-hat triggers and 3-zone choke-able cymbals provide for more realistic drum feel and authentic playing styles.  In addition the fully adjustable and durable RS130 rack system gives the drummer the ability to modify their kit to exact and price configurations.


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