Yamaha DTX950K

The Yamaha DTX950K is an electronic drum set produced by Yamaha Drums a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation an international business conglomerate.  For more info on the Yamaha Drum brand visit the Yamaha Drums page.  The DTX950K is the most high end out of the box electronic drum set that Yamaha offers in their standard DTX lines.

The Yamaha DTX950K is a top of the line electronic drum set that matches up with the high end kits made by Roland, the industry leading brand in electronic drums.  The DTX950 is a full six-piece electronic drum system mounted to the ultra durable HEXRACK system.  The DTX950K utilizes sound technology from the popular Motif XS and DSP effect from Yamaha’s high-end digital mixers.  Combined with over 1000 drum sounds in the DTX 900 trigger module, the DTX950K provides some of the most realistic sounds and genuine acoustic feel in an electronic drum set.


Yamaha DTX950K


Yamaha DTX950K Electronic Drum Kit Features & Specifications

  • DTX900 Series Trigger Module with 1,115 drum / percussion sounds
  • Advanced DTX-PADS with Textured Cellular Silicone (TCS) Heads
  • Newly Developed 12″ XP120S 3-Zone (head, rimshot) Snare Pad
  • Two 10″ XP100T 2-Zone Tom-Toms with (Rimshot Capability)
  • Two 12″ XP120T 2-Zone Floor Tom Pads (Rimshot Capability)
  • Updated Kick Pad with Supported Head (Support Double Bass)
  • Convincing Feeling Hi-Hat Trigger with HS740A Stand
  • Three Cymbal Pads with 3-Zone Technology (Cup, Bow, Edge)
  • HXR4LD Expandable HEXRACK Aluminum Rack System
  • Genuine Yamaha mounting system with precision adjustment
  • Onboard sampler with dedicated effects and 211 melody voices


Yamaha DTX950K Price Review

The 950K has pretty much anything and everything a drummer would want in an electronic drum kit.  At a price of roughly $5,400 it is the most expensive of Yamaha’s electronic drum sets.  This set rivals Roland’s top electronic drums and features high end DTX-PADs for authentic practice and drum feel.  The top notch DTX 900 series module also allows the drummer many options for replicating authentic acoustic drum sounds as well as percussive and unique sounds that only electronic drums can create.  With a curved upper rack, the Yamaha HEXRACK allows for better tom position and expansion.


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