The Yamaha DTXTREME is an electronic drum set manufactured by Yamaha Drums a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation an international business conglomerate.  For more info on the Yamaha Drum brand visit the Yamaha Drums page.  The latest model in the DTXTREME line is the Yamaha DTXTREME III Special and is an intermediate electronic drum kit that provides a reasonable price while still incorporating many of the high end elements from the DTX 900 series.

The DTXTREME III Special features 3 zone snares and toms, realistic hi-hat triggers with stand, three 3-zone chokeable cymbals, rack system and the Yamaha DTXIIISP Sound Module.  The core driver of the DTXIII Special is the trigger module which was designed by sampling Yamaha’s popular lines of acoustic drums including the Recording, Oak and Maple Custom as well as the Maple, Birch, and Beech Absolute.  Combined with popular snares, cymbals and percussive sounds, the DTXTREME 3 sound module’s 50 pre-programmed kits provided a high level of acoustic drum realism.



  • DTXT3 Trigger Module
  • HXR4LD Rack System
  • DTT3KSP1 Cymbal Pad Set
  • CH750 Boom Stand (x2)
  • RHH135 Hi-Hat Pad
  • HS740A Hats Stand
  • KP125 Kick Pad
  • TP120SD Snare Pad
  • TP100 Tom Pads (X4)
  • 15 Trigger Inputs
  • 1,016 Sample Voices
  • 16bit Sample Data Bits
  • 79 Built in Effects
  • 50 Preset Kits | 50 User
  • Yamaha’s Groove Check
  • Advanced Training Functions
  • Programmable Metronome


Yamaha DTXTREME III Special Review and Price

Featuring a solid rack, robust module, 3 zone drums as well as cymbals and realistic hi hat triggers the DTXIII has everything a drummer would want for duplicating the sound of acoustic drums.  Priced at roughly $3,000 it is a reasonable price for an electronic drum kit that offers so many features typically found on the top of the line sets.

Pretty much the only element missing from this set that the 900 series has are the DTX-PADS with TCS heads for more genuine rebound and touch.  Although this may make a difference when honing in practice skills, from a recording and live performance standpoint it makes little difference.  With the matured DTXT3 module, the Yamaha DTXTREME III Special is a high value electronic drum kit that will work for drummers at all levels of play.


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